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Hiking in Jura Mountains

Taking a stroll in Jura, a breathtaking view on its Alps counterpart


On the 5th of July 2020, a 15 Km trek was awaiting its stride hungry GMU hikers as Covid19 restrictions left them with cravings for the usual GMU April hike. 

Gathered with all their gears (some carried a gas cooker) at St-Cergue train station on a beautiful crystal clear blue sky sunday, the hikers could start to set off for the ascend part of the venture. After few hesitations the president could get her ducks in line and lead them to the right track (although few of them strayed, blundered into the wrong trail and sympathized with a herd of cow). Uphill most of the trail was winding through a forest sporadicallly cut by open areas with sprinkled Gentiana lutea popping out of the meadows. 

As the thighs began to strain under the increasingly steep slopes, a wee break was drawn in everyone’s mind, with a clear view on the last part of the ascend showing up in front of them: going up the formidable mount of La Dôle. After recharging the batteries with snacks to munch on, the track was inviting the hikers to reach the top.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going…

The view on lac leman and the alps with the Mont Blanc ruling over it on the left and Jura mountains on the right, would motivate the troops getting those leg muscles firing, straining, pushing the trekkers to the pinnacle of the mount. 

If there is a will there is a way ! Winded, gasping for breath, huffing and puffing, trying to gas themselves out while reaching the top in a staggered fashion: the breathtaking view at the top would help them catching their breath (I know, it seems contradictory). An almost 360° view on the alps and Jura ! A lookout platform with a map satisfied curious minds wanting to spot their favorite peak or city across the lake shores. The scenic view was the perfect moment to break bread, pray enjoy the scene and for some, take a power nap before descending.

The way back saw knee knuckles solicitated to cushion the descend of the GMU strollers again passing through a forest, again sympathizing with a herd of cow and again sidetracked into the wrong way before a turnstile was found giving access to the last slope down a ski lift trail. 

The last chunk of the journey was on a flat track with the sun getting more agressive on the necks, and the legs heavier but the good GMU vibes made it shorter. At the final destination, the benches at La Grivine train station were more than compelling to sit ! 

Thank you for reading and see you on the next hike !

Hike History

Some numbers summarizing the hike. Though they seem daunting the good vibes shared by GMU members and stunning views makes you feel nothing.  


m of Ascend

m of descend



A selection of photos to recall good memories or to trigger your hiking appetite so that we can see you on the next GMU hike !