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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

More space to achieve your projects.
To dig deep inside you, develop yourself.

The heart can live and blossom.

You are inclined to radiate and give more joy around you !
You can act very deeply.

Your body fully belongs to you and you give more attention to life’s gems, all day long.
You nourish yourself from relations, reflections, nature, serenity…

When fasting for your Lord you distance yourself from the “me, myself and I”. Self-control and composure revive in a sense within yourself.

Acknowledging that you are in this state of low impact on the environment regarding your consumption … makes you feel better.

There is a also that striking proximity towards natural elements, allowing you by the way to reconcile with humility.
The humility nature inspires you : streaming water, trees and so on.

Gratifying is to feel a change in your body, a renewal. Particularly because you relate to the living standard of those who don’t have food, or rather, those who suffer from a particular condition or any restriction.

When fasting, it is really to resonate with other than you. Other people.
And be mindful of the beauty of living a life where you don’t continuously fulfill your own desires.

Through discipline, abstention, you take the decision to submit yourself to the One who gave you since the beginning.

And your “brother” becomes important, be it a brother in humanity or in Islam. You discover it through that wisdom of fasting.

To sum up, a complete month to change and to make strong roots. To make you heart alive again.

Remember. Surely after some days of fasting, that will to retrieve noble values will springs up again inside yourself.

Understanding where you are going in life.
Knowing better who you are.
The favor of fasting.