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Ramdan 1444



Iftar on Campus


EPFL Esplanade

March 27th @ 7PM

Ramadan 2017

We Thank All Our Sponsors And Volunteers

This would have not been possible without all the energy invested by our volunteers and the financial support from our sponsors !

From the bottom of our heart we are grateful to Islamic Relief, Swiss Halal Food, UVAM, Zarouk, and all of our anonymous dunya and akhira investors !

Watch the full video here ! 

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As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

For 26 years now, we have been uniting students from both campuses through weekly presentations and dinners.

During the holy month of Ramadan and before the covid crisis, we had a long tradition of hosting Iftars on campus to break our fast. Indeed, our campus is very diversified and international students make up a large share of the community. Those dinners allowed them to rejoy the spirit of Ramadan despite the distance separating them from their families.

Now that covid restrictions are lifted, we are getting back on it stronger than ever after a two-year-long wait. Not only those dinners allow us to reunite with our Muslim sisters and brothers, but they also help start a conversation with students from other religious confessions. This year, the goal is to have 3 Iftars a week and feed 60 to 70 students each gathering.

Fi Amanillah

Iftar on Esplanade

Monday MARCH 27 – Free

Iftar on Esplanade

Wednesday MARCH 29 – Free

Iftar on Esplanade

Monday April 3 – Free

Iftar on Esplanade

Wednesday APRIL 5 – Free

Iftar on Esplanade

Monday April 10 – Free

Iftar on Esplanade

Wednesday April 12 – Free

Iftar on Esplanade

Monday April 17 – Free

Iftar on Esplanade

Wednesday april 19 – FREE

Join our 3 QUR’AN activities for Ramadan !

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EPFL Esplanade, 1015, Lausanne

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GMU is a self-funded association and solely counts on the support of its members and generous donators. Every help or even word is appreciated!

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